Caddtech India Outsourcing Services (The Division of Caddtech India Engineering Consultants) is Ahmedabad (INDIA) based Responsive High Quality Outsourcing services provider in Structural Rebar Detailing, Steel Detailing & BIM/VDC Services in Global Standards & Code of Conduct. We have vast experience of Rebar Detailing in various type of structures,  since 2006.

  • We are providing all CADD (Computer Aided Design & Drafting) solutions globally to Architecture, Engineering & Constructions (AEC) industries. Also we provide BIM services for Architecture, Structure & MEP.
  • Prepared for Tomorrow! Outsourcing Services at your Finger Tips! Caddtech India has gathered diverse and rich experience by working with its clients in US, UK and UAE. Knowledge about the practices in the construction business and hands-on-experience allow us to understand your business needs easily and deliver fast results. Carefully selected team of technical experts work in close coordination to deliver results on time… Every time!! We understand the competitive nature of business we are in. We deliver quality services over tight turn-around times and competitive pricing, helping you gain clear advantage over your competitors.
  • We strive to become an integral part of our client’s business by building strong trust-based relationship and work towards exceeding their expectations every time. We stay committed to guarding all confidential information disclosed to us by client.
  • We recognize that more and more companies are keen and willing to outsource engineering services to India to utilize their vast and inexpensive pool of qualified and skilled engineers / technicians so that these companies can fuel their own focused growth by becoming more competitive and taking on more work. At Caddtech India, we continually strive to meet the unique needs of each client, and are confident that with our vast experience and strong resource base, we can offer the type and range of outsourcing services that your company can best utilize and reap benefits of.


  • We want to provide detail design engineering services across a wide range of engineering disciplines, project management, documentation and engineering analysis using proven and latest softwares.
  • Our ideal business model is to partner with clients to act as a back-bone of all non-core engineering functions like detail design, engineering analysis, solid modeling, documentation, and project management to enable clients to focus on their core competencies. Personnel requirements can vary greatly over the course of the design cycle, which can result in resource shortages during periods of peak activity. With the availability of a scalable resource pool, we can always provide resources to the extent needed and you need invest in only a small core internal team at your end.
  • We want to build strong working relationships with experts from a variety of engineering related fields. This combined experience will help us in executing turnkey engineering projects involving civil, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering, allows us to provide comprehensive services, ensuring continuity and design quality.

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